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Workshop on Risk Assessment in Food Safety in Bangladesh
Development of a training module for slaughter house workers
Workshop on Food Safety Communication and Advocacy Plan
Workshop on revision of Job Description of Sanitary Inspectors
Visit of the Honorable Minister of Food, Government of Bangladesh to the NFSL
Inauguration of the National Food Safety Laboratory, Dhaka
Food Safety Campaign Launch
Unsafe food represents a major threat to public health in Bangladesh.  Each year millions of citizens suffer bouts of illness following the consumption of unsafe food. Aside from acute effects arising from food contaminated by microbial pathogens, long term health impacts may result from consumption of food tainted by chemical substances and toxins.

Activity 1: Food Analysis
Activity 2: Risk Assessment and Food Standards
Activity 3: Consumer Awareness
Activity 4: Institutionalization of Food Safety
Activity 5: Food-borne illness surveillance
Activity 6: Food Inspection and Enforcement
Activity 7: Food Safety Management Systems